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vintage soccer ball

You are the object of my affections, but elude me at every try

At times you fill my heart with joy, yet often cause me to cry

Never will you be possessed, by one color or another

I always carried you under my arm when I was called home by Mother

We first met on the streets, with items improvised as a post


Chasing you around in our youth is what I remember most

Your importance to all the players was why we pursued you so hard

And we knew we couldn’t afford to lose you into old Mr Whyte’s yard

There were different brands and some pals would bring them to our game

From floaters, to rocks to FIFA approved, they were round but not always the same

They had names like Telstar, Jabulani, Ultimax and of course the beloved Tango

Adidas tango espana

Catch that baby in the sweet spot and then watch that man go

We would soon learn how to strike, pass, dribble and control

When to touch you softly and when to put the laces through it, as you flew into the goal

You moved from 32 panels so you could be seen easily on TV

Now you’re more consistent, with bright colors so players can plainly see

The mitt-men try to grab you, when they game is on their line

The strikers always call for you, to score with you one more time

There are some who have learned to master you, and how to make you move

With skill and finesse and artistry, that belongs in a place like Le Louvre


At times you bounce so random, the wind affects your flight

Which causes players to miss some sitters and keep them up at night

The lessons you teach are global, understood by every race

They reach across our ball-shaped world, and touch every space

Let the ball do the work, as it never gets tired

Learning how to control it, sets our hearts on fire

Although reliably round, like life, it is unpredictable at times

You will get what it throws at you; all its heartache, sorrow and strife

To achieve success, don’t chase the ball, or things you do not know

Instead move to a uncrowded space, so the ball knows where to go

You can’t be hurt by a goal if the other team doesn’t have it

Cherish what’s in your possession, what you control and be sure to take advantage

If you’re behind in the game, but you have time left to play, just keep on going

And like a ball, on a simple pitch, ensure it doesn’t stop rolling

These lessons and more I’ve learned, from a game that I love more than all

Football has taught me so much about life, with the pursuit of a ball


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