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Legends—the idols we admire and emulate—rarely excel in just one aspect of their lives. They know how the flip the script when it comes to showing up to a meeting, an event, or the pitch. You won’t catch them sporting a run-of-the-mill ensemble when they’re out and about. They know how to take the monotony of life and make it masterful.

In a world that’s waking up to replenished schedules and more frequent gatherings, it’s time to take the casual fashion we’ve become accustomed to at home and elevate it as the legends do. To nail the sweet spot between laid-back loungewear and spruced-up style is an art—and one that modern gentlemen achieve with ease.

At TENLEGEND, we know the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to high-quality clothing. With intricate finishing notes and silky smooth fabrics, The Maestro—the newest addition to our luxury lineup—is the epitome of casual-luxe that you’ve only the sleekest of fashion icons represent.

An aspirational style fit for a seaside soiree or a networking social with future business partners, The Maestro combines buttery-soft comfort and class for a tailored fit. Available now in Noir, Bleu, Blanco, Silver and Salmon, our classic and rich palette elevates this wardrobe staple to another level.

Our 30/3 pure cotton is long fibre Egyptian Cotton of Giza 86 variety. The excellent quality of the long staple cotton includes fibres at the length of about 35 mm and 4.3 micronaire. It is the skills and expertise of our Italian spinner, along with the technologies used, that makes this such a luxurious yarn. Let’s take a peek at some fashion-forward footballers who have become maestros of smart-casual style in their own right.

Ilkay Gündogan

“As a teenager, my weekends were spent playing football when everyone else was having fun, but that made me more interested in fashion. I enjoyed dressing well, even if it was just going out for a coffee or lunch." —Ilkay Gündogan

First-rate fashion can outfit you anywhere you go, and midfielder for Manchester City, Ilkay Gündogan, proves that. Just like his ability to read the pitch, he’s an expert at decoding different settings with just the right combination of wardrobe pieces.

As a premier player for a renowned club, he’s not someone who settles, especially when it comes to presenting himself to the public. You’ll find him sporting trousers, a cashmere sweater, or a classic, fitted polo depending on the occasion.

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David Alaba

One of the best defenders of his generation, the Bayern Munich central midfielder knows precisely how to curate a casual-luxe look. While Alaba is known for his skills on the pitch, he’s made a name for himself with a dynamic style that stealthily encapsulates wealth.

With staple pieces designed by some of the world’s top designers, he instinctively steps out with effortless elevation in every item he wears. As a musician, footballer, and fashion maven, he encapsulates what it means to be a maestro both on and off the pitch.

Kevin Trapp

Chic simplicity comes to mind when the German goalkeeper, Kevin Trapp, enters the room. With his name preceding his game, Trapp has reached beyond his skills to become a fashion icon in his own right. 

With editorial photoshoots and magazine spreads under his belt a la Beckham, Trapp has represented the intersection between high-brow brands and approachable fashions. Not only could we envision him strutting in The Maestro, but we could see how The Cambridge and El Classico could easily mesh with the other pieces in his closet.

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The Maestro

While your last name might not be Gündogan, Alaba, or Trapp, you can still take a page out of their books when you wear The Maestro. This is a piece for gentlemen who keep an eye on the details, operate with their intuition, and want to stand out from the crowd without causing a scene.

Elegant details will give your look a leg up whether you’re waiting to board a flight, grabbing cordials with your colleagues, or shaking hands with your in-laws at a long-awaited reunion. The Maestro is made with top-notch fabric meant to fit you seamlessly while you make your next entrance.

Join us in representing class, comfort, and charisma wherever we go.


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