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We are a multicultural team. Each of us has experienced firsthand how incorporating diversity and cross-cultural engagement results in greater success, both personally and professionally. We have lived abroad and through another culture, a different way of thinking, speaking, traditions, food, and social norms. These experiences have shaped us.

We believe that without practiced inclusion we risk putting ourselves into a social “echo chamber” that simply reverberates our same thoughts and ideas back at us. And this is dangerous... When we break this cycle we widen our perspective and develop a more balanced view of the world.  

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Diversity is the opportunity to share new ideas and perspectives with others, big and small. We seek opportunities for enlightenment through the wisdom and experiences of others who have a perspective that may seem foreign, but unique and valuable. Humans are the most cooperative species on the planet – all part of a huge interconnected ecosystem. We are bound together through a global nervous system.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been very keen at adopting and redefining cultural ideas, customs, traditions and beliefs through multicultural exchange. In fact, rather than being a product of isolation, we are, by our very nature, a product of multiculturalism. Football has vastly benefited from influences coming to the game from various places: starting in England, to Brazil, the Netherlands or Nigeria for that matter! Football at its best is inclusive, generous-hearted and fundamentally multicultural, and based on values such as teamwork, loyalty, merit and self-control.


Unfortunately, in the name of greed and power, countless people from differing cultures and backgrounds have been persecuted, enslaved and discriminated against. Many people face racism and intolerance, and it's not just a loss for them, it’s a loss for all of society. Yet, in spite of it all, many of these same cultures have made, and continue to make, considerable contributions to our society as a whole.

We are not relying on government bodies to enforce our stance to say “no” to racism and to support inclusion. We have lived all of our lives practicing it! Diversity is not a rejection of our own culture or belief system, but rather it allows us to learn more about who we are by seeing things from the vantage point of others, and where we fit in the bigger picture. There is significant value in learning about the views and experiences of others, which in turn builds respect. As with football, we welcome influences from different cultures and backgrounds so that we can continue to grow, improve and expand our understanding and appreciation of the world.


Moreover, when we embrace diversity, we open ourselves up to new possibilities, creative expression and insights that we in turn internalize and incorporate into who we are. We have a deep awareness that we do not have all the answers, and welcome experiences shared by people from various places, both on and off the pitch. We need now more than ever to actively practice inclusion in our daily lives.

Our experience as footballers taught us that what corner of the world you were from, the color of your skin, the social class you belonged to, did not matter. The only thing that mattered was the effort you put into honing your skills, training and working as a team. This is exactly how we are running this brand, and what we want our customers, followers and fans to believe in and live by. We hope you see these values reflected in everything we do to serve you.

No matter the role we play in life, whether in the public eye or in the privacy of our own homes, we must represent these principles. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to heal this societal cancer. Every day, and on every pitch!

We have to confront racism and social bias, combating it through both our words and actions. Football can be a powerful tool for promoting social cohesion and important values, such as fair play, mutual respect and tolerance. As gentlemen, we believe this in our core. Join us.


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