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TENLEGEND is the BRAND for stylish gentlemen with a passion for football. Call it soccer, Fußball, Calcio, 足球 , サッカー , كرة القدم , or futbol. We are a fashion brand inspired by the most popular sport on the planet, FOOTBALL.

Why Football.

The TENLEGEND team grew up with football, and even though we are older and slower, our passion burns bright. Football is the world's game and its appeal goes beyond the fact that it’s a low-cost sport, seldom needing more than two jumpers and a round object. It is a path to “mattering” for many in the world, not just aspirational riches, but connection and community. Live most anywhere in the world and if you play for your local football club you have a family.

Football is a sport of balance and respect. The game is played as much with one’s head as with one’s body. Even with two sides in opposition, there is respect. Football is the only sport where a player will intentionally stop play if an opposing player is injured. It is called the beautiful game as it embodies a vast array of emotions. Class, religion, socio-economic status, it all plays out on the pitch for fans all over the world to live and re-live. It is passion at its height.

One jersey number in football means more than any other: 10. Wearing the number 10 was every kid’s dream. It universally represented the best player on the pitch. It was an honor, a responsibility and a privilege to wear it, thinking about all the best players from the past that wore it.

The number 10 is meaningful to us. It doesn’t just represent the best player on the pitch but also the player that sets the tempo and direction of the game. The number 10 also sets an example as a gentleman in life. It is men such as this that become legends.


What do we do?


We are pioneers in the burgeoning apparel category of upmarket fandom fashion. Football fans have only sportswear options or “on-field” choices to wear their passion, yet they are at the forefront of the fashion world.

Tennis fans have Lacoste, golfers have Greg Norman, rugby fans have Eden Park and there is the ubiquitous Ralph Lauren brand that has graced polo shirts for decades.

The only football apparel brands available today target the younger fan with a street-style feel. Instead, we focus on the business professional that wants a fashionable and elegant look.

TENLEGEND was born from the love of the beautiful game and the desire to be elegant, sophisticated and classy while being part of a select community. No brand has reached the thirty-five plus male executive who loves the sport he grew up playing. This man has a sense of style and knows how to dress. Unfortunately, until TENLEGEND, he has never had an opportunity to walk into a meeting or a restaurant, wearing a classic garment that shows that he belongs to a specific lovers.

We are Football!

The game is an essential part of our lives.

We are inspired by the best players in history, their confidence, composure, self-assurance, and finesse. We bring those qualities to you for your board meeting or your dinner date! This philosophy is built into every piece we make, in everything we do. Do it well. Do it simply. Play for the team.

Our mission is to redefine football’s style off the pitch, to inspire people, providing them with premium products, uniting and inviting them to take part in our dream. We are building a holistic & exclusive lifestyle experience bringing gentlemen footballers together globally.

Our goal is to create a community of classy, respectful, successful gentlemen footballers with a passion for the game and drive to be the best they can be.

We represent gentlemen with a passion for football.

The gentleman footballer plays the game to win and always respects the game and his opponents. He exercises that same respect day to day with people he encounters from any walk of life. The game has always been important to him and although he may no longer be able to play, he is still a passionate fan.

He appreciates beautiful things and wants a well-crafted and authentic product that he will have for life. He has a desire for adventure through travel and embracing diversity in the world. He looks to do the right thing in life just as he looks to find the right pass in a match, always thinking of others.

He is a player and fan of the beautiful game as well as a man driven by gentlemanly values. The number 10 is the maestro, orchestrating and dictating the pace of the game. Our idol. He expresses himself with style both on and off the pitch.

Through TENLEGEND, you belong to a growing network of both football fans and gentlemen. We help lovers of the beautiful game live the lifestyle they want. Our brand represents a movement from the pitch to everyday life.

In conclusion, it would be our privilege for you to join us and become part of this global community of gentlemen, bound together through a profound passion for football and timeless elegance. 




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Me parece que son productos de calidad

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