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We are footballers and gentlemen. We are combining the connection to the beautiful game, the elegance of the best iconic players in history, into a unique timeless lifestyle experience.

In these trying times, we find it more important than ever to promote strong values. Our community unites and continues to come together. 

TENLEGEND was born from the love of the beautiful game and the elegance of the original number tens. We are gentlemen footballers playing the game to win, always respecting our opponents. We exercise the same respect in life with people we encounter from any walk of life. The game is an extremely important part of our life, even if we can no longer play. 

We appreciate beautiful things from a shirt to an amazing car or a beautiful painting. We wanted a well crafted and authentic brand combining our two passions, football and elegance. 

We decided to make the finest apparel & timeless design on the planet.  

We strive to be the most authentic, timeless, inspiring, connected, and stylish brand. 

We are the first and unique fashion brand inspired by the most popular sport on the planet, football, and the classic elegant visionary players.

We want to inspire you to look your best - in the board room or on a social night out. 


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