Il Catenaccio

Introducing our signature TENLEGEND leather lanyard keychain: Il CatenaccioWe searched the world for the perfect leather... And, what do you know? All roads led to Italy.

Using the finest Italian leather, our specialty luxury leather goods production team in Ireland got to work. With a full appreciation for the passion, the history, the elegance of the beautiful game and TENLEGEND's mission to make only the highest quality products, they nailed it and made a gorgeous piece for you to enjoy for years and years. You'll know the second you open the box... 


Never lose your keys again with The Catenaccio Italian leather keychain. A keychain made in heat debossed TL Signature leather with a defined print and firm texture.  Elevated by its minimalist simplicity, this handcrafted leather keychain allows for keys to be conveniently added and removed at valet service. The keychain features a secure nickel plated solid brass bridle clasp, releasing your keys quickly on the fly. The leather strap wraps around your belt and fastens with a simple yet secure custom metal button stud. 

Using premium Italian leather, this keychain only gets better with age. Il Catenaccio is a practical item - made gorgeous. 
  • Color: Saddle Tan
  • Premium Italian, full-grain leather
  • Finished edges
  • 13.5 cm (5.25”) tall x 3 cm (1.2”) wide  
  • Nickel plated solid brass bridle clasp

Care Instructions

A natural darkening, softening and the development of characteristic patina will develop with the leather with use as it ages. Enjoy the classic, timeless elegance of our full-grain Italian leather pieces as you would any other treasured leather luxury.

  • Should leather get overly wet, allow it to dry slowly. Speed-drying creates a change to the chemical structure of leather. We recommend leaving it at room temperature with gentle air currents rather than applying a direct heat source such as a hair-dryer or radiator.
  • Dry leather is thirsty leather. If the leather begins to exhibit signs of cracking, just gently rub a light leather oil or natural cream into it. Conditioning leather usually darkens it slightly. Don't worry, this is normal. After applying, allow it to dry and buff out with a lint free cloth.
  • If your leather gets dirty, clean it with a damp cloth or use a mild castile soap / hand dishwashing liquid, diluted at least 1:10 (it should not be sudsy), and allow to dry before conditioning.


Rich, Italian full-grain leather

Handcrafted in Ireland

Nickel-plated solid brass bridle clasp