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We are ecstatic in welcoming Jonatan to the TENLEGEND family.

jonatan machardy and tenlegend

Jonatan MacHardy is the After listener turned columnist! Spotted by the head scout of the RMC recruitment unit "Max du Standard", this handsome gentleman has several passions in life: football, combat sports and whiskey! Jonatan managed to knock out the entire After community with his main strength: an increased knowledge of South American football! He is on top of this, very elegant and passionate about other things than football. He is the prototype of the gentlemen footballer. 

jonatan machardy rmc sports

His first football emotions, Jonatan MacHardy experienced them in Marseille. He lived in La Gavotte at the end of the 90s and the one who intervenes in the After on RMC, twice a week since 2014, fell in love with OM. "When you live here, it's hard to miss this club, he testifies. It's only in Marseille where you feel that the club's weather has an impact on the city. In Paris , when PSG loses, people don't care." At the time, Rolland Courbis led the team. MacHardy falls for two players: Éric Roy and Patrick Blondeau. "This OM had stars, but I've always liked the water carriers, explains the 35-year-old business manager. Roy rotated the team. Blondeau, he scared the opponents.

jonatan machardy rmc tenlegend

When did your love for football and OM come to you?

“Simply by having lived in Marseille… And being of Irish origin, when I was a kid, there was a certain Tony Cascarino who played at OM.”

Can you describe your career as a journalist?

“So simply by finishing my Masters in Political Communication, I chose as a subject “Raymond Domenech’s communication during Euro 2008, from the dramatization of the helicopter episode to the marriage proposal”. I call RMC to try to meet “pros” and, bam, Daniel Riolo, who is a guy who is really always ready to lend a hand, calls me back. We meet, he gives me an interview that I paste as an appendix to my dissertation. Previously, for another Master, I had done a thesis on Boca River, on the way in which the Superclasíco splits the social dynamics of Buenos Aires, and I had gone to Argentina. Since then, I have been following continental football with great attention and in 2014, Gilbert Brisbois was looking for someone to follow the "Sudam" teams at the World Cup and he thought of me. This is how I came to RMC.”

jonatan machardy tenlegend

Discover his views on football, in L’ After Foot, the post-match reference show, every evening from 10 p.m. on RMC.

Join us in celebrating Jonatan


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