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Whether a classicist or modernist, behaving like a distinguished gentleman off the field never goes out of style. When a woman walks into the room, it is a signal to her that she is of importance that you stand and acknowledge her presence with warmth. The same is true as you are leaving a room together. Instead of walking five steps ahead without regard to her, it is with class that you intentionally walk alongside her, and hold the door with a simple “After you." It is also a kind and courteous gesture to escort her to your car to open the door. These are small but meaningful ways to convey love, respect and devotion. 

The basic tenets of chivalry are to be courteous, act with distinction, to be magnanimous. The acts above are designed to show reverence and an affinity for the fairer sex. She will always appreciate being highly regarded by the man at her side. And so it is with this in mind that we say, a true gentleman always makes the extra effort. 

The same is true for affection. Attentiveness during conversation. The gentle stroke of her hair. A sweet kiss on her cheek. A strong hand on the small of her back. No demonstration of genuine care and tenderness, no matter how small, goes unnoticed or unappreciated by a lady. These are the little threads that weave a fabric that is timelessly cherished. A gentleman never loses sight of how to love and appreciate the softer things in life that make it beautiful and worth working so hard for. 

Attitudes surrounding chivalry have evolved in society with the ebb and flow of popular belief. It is with an acute appreciation for tradition, we view some shifting attitudes as fads (like fast fashion), and hold strong to those core values that continually pay dividends in life: kindness, respect, honor, gratitude, grace, humility. A true gentleman keeps his core values at the center of all his personal and professional dealings. And although he appreciates the very finest the world has to offer, he maintains a sense of grace and humility. These qualities translate into a certain je ne sais quoi that is evident to all those who meet him. 

We feel these rules apply to society as a whole. We’re not talking about “high” society or referencing any class system. The point we make is that in our society as a whole, at any level, respect and being gracious is as essential today as it was centuries ago. This is what separates we humans from all other living creatures. 

It may seem very basic. Please. Thank you. You’re welcome. How are you? Good day. However, when someone acknowledges you with apparent respect, you recognize it immediately. Make eye contact. Take stock in the individual. Regard them. These are the small but impactful things we can do to treat others in a way that elevates us all. 

There has always been an inner battle between doing what is easy or popular at the moment versus what might require more time, thought and effort, but is the best possible choice. Every day we have the opportunity to not only be a gentleman, but to be legendary. After all, it is only when operating at the highest level you are truly a 10.

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