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One of TENLEGEND’s most important core values is respect. It is demonstrated through the words we use and the actions we take. Those words and actions stem from thoughts and feelings, and are good indicators of how we view ourselves and the world around us. 

Showing respect to others is also a form of exhibiting grace, which is a much needed commodity in today’s world. A valuable gift we give ourselves and others, grace grants us the freedom to move through life with room for error and space for the inherent flaws we all have without feeling judged or shamed. If you’ve got a competitive bone in your body, you’re likely very hard on yourself already. We could all use a little, and give a little, more grace. 

Respect comes in many forms and is at the foundation of all strong relationships — in business and in life. Through football we learned to respect our coaches, our teammates and opponents. Sports provide so much more than physical development for children by building social skills and character. And you cannot truly excel at any sport without respect. An athlete must also be humble, open to suggestions and constructive criticism from their coach. Instead of excuses, blaming others or tearing down teammates, a successful athlete takes ownership of their actions and learns from their mistakes.

It is because of these values — respect, humility, accountability — that athletes often make great role models as adults and excellent leaders in communities and in business. In our culture, young people have a tendency to idolize athletes. As parents, we know it’s up to us to be the most important role model in our children’s lives. They’re watching, and us showing respect to our wives, neighbors and strangers alike helps to fortify their foundation.

Receiving respect from others communicates to us that we are accepted for who we are, especially when our views differ or we don't agree on a certain topic. Respect in relationships builds feelings of trust, security, and well-being as well as a clear sense of belonging. Everyone wants their voice and opinions to be heard and to matter.

Empathy is another form of respect that helps us feel understood. When we affirm others we’re reinforcing that they have value, are important, and worthy of respect. This can be as simple as actively listening or noticing something positive and verbalizing it. 

We also need to be good stewards and look after one another. Recognizing that someone is simply in need of a bit of kindness can go a long way. We recently came across a cartoon of a man in a grocery store. “Have you been helped?” the clerk asked. The man bowed his head and said humbly, “Yes… I’ve been helped by so many throughout my life.” Entertaining play on words, but let’s not forget that we have all been shown kindness in a time of need, and remember what a difference it made. 

In practicing these aspects of respect we serve others by meeting their emotional needs. Service and exceeding expectations are at the very center of everything we do at TENLEGEND. We believe our careers and the roles we play in our personal lives should revolve around the desire to serve. 

To be a servant leader is to routinely put the needs of others above our own. And as we practice service and respect for ourselves and others, we naturally feel more fulfilled. Our team often reflects back on a time gone by to an era in which elegance, grace, class and respect defined what it meant to be a gentleman, and we seek to emulate these qualities every day. 

At TENLEGEND, we hope to be more than a luxury brand. More than football fanatics and jocks. We aspire to be a constantly evolving league of gentlemen, and we’re giving it our all. It is with gratitude that we say, “thank you.” We’re glad to have you here with us along this journey. 


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