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Craft your own legend.

TENLEGEND was born out of our love for the beautiful game and the desire to be elegant, sophisticated and conduct ourselves as true gentlemen. 

We are inspired by the best players in history. Men with confidence who were composed, self-assured, and full of finesse. We’re obsessed with these legends — the names we all know. These are the number 10’s. 

We are bringing the same qualities of these icons to you through tailored content, exceptionally crafted and timeless pieces for the most discerning tastes, all while connecting you with a growing league of men who “get it.” Men who strive for excellence. Men with style and taste. Men who want nothing but the best. 


Finally there is a brand you can identify with as both an avid football fan... and a gentleman: TENLEGEND. 

We know great players are not simply born great. They are forged through hard work, opportunity and setbacks. The greatest legends of all time, the game-changers, have qualities that extend beyond talent, genetics, training, nutrition, recovery, and work ethic. Their success often comes from something much deeper — a specific mindset of dedication, commitment and never settling for less. These players are fueled by the chance to reach seemingly insurmountable goals.

We wanted to break the mold by creating TENLEGEND to reach the millions of football fans whose interests involve more than stats and play-by-plays. Our brand embodies all that we passionately pursue — to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to look good, to feel good AND to be good. 

We defined what success meant to us. We have put years of effort into building what we believe will make us legendary. We are not afraid to explore different paths to success, but what we will not compromise is our work ethic, our commitments and our alignment with our missions and values.


TENLEGEND was founded on the basic fundamentals of hard work, simplicity and an unwavering commitment to quality. Even when we started out small in 1973, we went about developing our ideas with meticulousness, intense focus and the desire to create perfection. 

We have chosen to work tirelessly to build the most timeless, elegant, classy, quintessential products for a specific category of men: gentlemen in love with the beautiful game. 

As with anything worth pursuing in life, there will always be challenges. You can feel defeated or you can see them as contributions to your ultimate success and the legend you’re uniquely creating. You are the protagonist in your life’s story. You can choose to surround yourself with allies or villains. Those who seek to build you up or tear you down. Those who help fortify your dreams or create obstacles in attaining them. You alone write the narrative.


You don’t have to be the hero. You don’t have to slay dragons. You don’t have to be legendary. But that might make for a painfully dull tale... And no one is forcing you to rise to the occasion. Yes, you can sit back, letting time and opportunity pass you by. Sure, you can watch the game from the sidelines as a passive participant. Or you can take action.

If you’re anything like the legends that made you fall in love with football, those who always rose to the occasion, you’ll never be satisfied with mediocrity. Join us in this quest to bring together those things that define us: a pure love of the game, the desire to look and feel amazing, the decision to live with style and grace, and the perpetual drive to be better. 


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