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In today’s evolving society, versatility is key. To be adaptable, efficient, classy, and approachable all at the same time may sound complex, but it can be simple—with the right wardrobe. TENLEGEND has brought you attire elevators like The Cambridge and El Classico, and now following the release of our luxury Maestro polo, we’re thrilled to introduce the most ubiquitous staple in every gentleman’s closet: The Fixture polo. 



There are cotton polo shirts produced en masse, and then there are luxe-cotton polo shirts like our latest creation: The Fixture. Its name beckons the David Beckhams and James Bonds of the world who have sported the timeless look across diverse venues and appearances for decades. 


It’s the necessity you won’t leave for your vacation without, the top-shelf shirt you’ll put on to negotiate a deal, and the sleek selection you’ll make for a day out on the town. The effortless ease of the collared style is an anchor in the gentleman’s wardrobe, and you’ll want yours to look and feel as pristine as The Fixture.

Before we dive into more of the details about our luxurious take on a classic apparel piece, let’s uncover the roots underneath it, how it’s been honored in our favorite sport, and why The Fixture should become a go-to item in your future.

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History of the Polo Shirt

While polo is in the name, the shirt design was originally crafted for tennis players. In the early days of sport, men typically wore a white button-down a la The Cambridge, but the shirt’s tailored fit wasn’t conducive to athletic events.

The lack of functionality inspired John E. Brooks, a polo spectator visiting England, to adapt the shirt with shorter sleeves upon his return to the U.S. The design became known as the first button-down polo shirt, designed by Brooks Brothers in 1896.


Tennis players were in a similar pinch when it came to their uniforms, inconveniently rolling up their sleeves between each serve. Fed up with the restrictive style, Rene Lacoste was inspired to draw up the first design for a short-sleeved, pique cotton shirt with a collar and buttoned placket. The seven-time Grand Slam tennis player debuted the style in the 1926 U.S. Open when he took home another gold medal win.

Years later, the decorated player partnered up with Chemise Lacoste and joined forces with the American brand, Izod, in 1951 to bring the style to the states. While the sporty shirt started gaining traction in the U.S., no one quite nailed its aspirational potential like Ralph Lauren.

With “Polo” in the name, the brand catapulted the polo shirt into an echelon of affluence that reverberated for decades to come. Yachts, beach clubs, C-Level appointments, and media junkets became ground for society’s elite to don the polo, and it’s been the foundation of a gentleman’s closet ever since. 

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Polo Shirts in Football

We know polo shirts had origins in tennis and polo, but what about our favorite sport? With fans, players, coaches, and those with an affinity for football appreciating the elegance of a well-crafted polo, it’s no surprise that the style made an impact on the sport’s uniforms.


In the 90s, nearly every football club wore uniforms emulating the famous shirt. The Amsterdam club Ajax has been outfitted in a red and white-striped polo for years, and proudly sported their collared shirts during their iconic win in 1994 against Bayern Munich.

Other noteworthy clubs like AC Milan and The Netherlands World Cup Squad also donned the polo shirt as their uniform throughout their winning seasons on the pitch. The look has become synonymous with success in the beloved sport of football, reaching beyond the players to the fans who worship them. 

AC MILAN 93-94

The Fixture

As a hub for those who enjoy the finer things in life and understand the work ethic it takes to grasp them, TENLEGEND is the future of the classic polo shirt. Coupling tradition with luxury, the introduction of The Fixture can mark your entry into a new caliber of style.


From casual chats to elegant evenings, the pristine construction of this polo maintains the classic Euro fit and exquisite detail that will prepare you to make an entrance everywhere you go. The Fixture is made with premium 100% organic cotton and is made to not only elevate your style—but adapt to your lifestyle as you attain new goals.

Join us in celebrating life’s simple, yet sophisticated pleasures. 


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