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TENLEGEND Cambridge men dress shirt

TENLEGEND has been dedicating countless weeks, months and years to developing products that resonate with you. Each of our products is inspired by football at its very essence - the purity, the elegance, the timeless pursuit of perfection. Therefore, it is with pride that we introduce The Cambridge men’s button-down in honor of where it all began.

A pristine, well-fitting, white shirt is an essential piece to every gentleman’s wardrobe. We are not talking about some off-brand, okay-fitting shirt. We’ve grown up a bit, value our money and always buy for the long run. What we’re looking for is a shirt that fits as if it’s tailored, is made of a luxurious fabric that always looks good and feels amazing to wear. The Cambridge is a shirt that gets you compliments - every time. 

Every wardrobe needs this classic piece. It is the quintessential representation of elegance for a man with style. What sets an exceptional dress shirt apart from a run-of-the-mill (literally) button-down? The devil, as they say, is in the details. 

The story of football and mills

Around the same time the Football Association was formally establishing itself and the rules of the game as we know it today, there was also a major shift in fashion. The introduction of cotton to western Europe in the 1700’s created a dynamic shift from using wool as the primary material of choice. 

As cotton grew in popularity and versatility, one renowned English mill (near the birthplace of football) developed a reputation for producing the highest quality shirting fabrics for the time, and became the haute preference for Britain’s aristocracy. Thomas Mason soon became the exclusive fabric supplier to Turnbull & Asser, the official shirt-makers of the royal family. 

thomas mason fabric

Our decision to use Thomas Mason fabrics exclusively wasn’t made lightly. We’ve all heard of Sea Island, and those of us who are in love with fashion understand that there’s a difference between cotton and luxuriously rich cotton. There’s a difference between cashmere and beautifully crafted cashmere. Quality is paramount to us as consumers and as an organization. Without it, we would be an empty brand – all hype, no substance. It is with an appreciation for this long, rich history of extremely high-end product quality and our desire to present products of the very finest quality, that we chose to work with this mill and their exclusive fabrics for The Cambridge.

Lancashire, 1796: the core of the English Industrial Revolution. This is the historical background of a brand that since then has continued to weave new stories of elegance and style, becoming the reference point in the world of men’s tailoring. 

The Thomas Mason collection boasts the use of double twisted fabrics made with the finest extra-long staple yarns in the world, capable of reinterpreting and revolutionising the stylistic canons of every era, without losing that eccentric touch and the British taste that never seems to go out of fashion.” - Thomas Mason.

In the early 1990’s, this historic mill (along with its 700 leather-bound volumes of exclusive fabric history) was acquired by perhaps the largest and most respected fabric mills in Italy. The two worlds collided, resulting in a powerhouse of fine fabric production. This, matched with our production team in Milan, boasting three generations of luxury shirt-making know-how for major brands we all know and love, allows us to make and deliver the very best. 

Premium Fabric

We’ve very carefully selected a rare, luxurious, premium, 100% pure Thomas Mason cotton for The Cambridge. The look, feel, touch, weight of this fabric screams luxury. We tested multiple choices, from blends to Sea Island, and nothing stood up against our exclusive Cambridge material.

Some brands incorporate materials like satin, silk, nylon, spandex and polyester that have a tendency to add sheen or stretch through the use of synthetic components. We’re stubbornly fixated on the preference for the highest quality, pure cotton due to its natural characteristics, comfort, breathability, forgiving nature and longevity. 

We also happen to be very particular about the little things - the shade of white, the feel of the fabric against the skin, opacity, weight, breathability, weave, stiffness of the collar and placket, authentic mother-of-pearl buttons… essentially, everything. 

The Fit. 

Shoulders and Chest

The chest of a shirt should rest neatly on your pecs. The shirt should appear to conform to your physique, but not be so tight that the buttons and placket become distorted when you stand with your arms at your side. A “Euro Slim” shirt should feel a little close to the skin, but not constrictive. Your chest should "fill out" the shirt in a way that your body shape is discernible under the fabric.

Although it may go unnoticed, some shirts include a vertical line running from the base of the collar splitting the back shoulder area in half. This is called a yoke. There is a long-running debate about the functionality of this feature, but it seems the consensus is that if one should need to have the shirt tailored to broaden the shoulders a touch, this added feature will help facilitate an adjustment. It is also considered a sign of luxury in a design that we’ve incorporated into The Cambridge.


Much is determined about the fit and appearance of a shirt by the arms. When you are dedicated to living a lifestyle of health and fitness, you want your appearance to reflect it. The arms of a shirt should give at least a hint of the powerful muscles beneath the surface without excess fabric hanging underneath. 

The armholes should be slightly contoured in a way that creates a tapered feel under your arm, yet still allow for a full range of motion. Most American brands have a tendency to create slightly larger armholes to accommodate for a larger range in sizing, particularly if using a S, M, L size range versus a more precise European metric size range. This is why we’ve chosen a Euro Slim fit design for The Cambridge, making sure your bi’s and tri’s get the attention they need.

Body -- Circumference and Length

The cut of a shirt is the most defining feature of whether a brand has the voice and appreciation for their intended audience in mind. A classic shirt fits comfortably around the chest, through the arms, and across the upper back, giving you a full range of motion without the burden of extra fabric. The torso should taper from the chest to the waist, following the natural contours of the body, creating a clean line between the shirt and pants when tucked in.

The length of the shirt also plays a role. Too short, and you’ll be constantly tucking and re-tucking. A shirt that is too long makes it impossible to wear untucked in more casual settings. The front bottom should land at approximately the halfway to two-thirds point of the pants zipper. This leaves just the right amount of fabric to stay put. The Cambridge is just the right length.

Invest Well. Buy The Cambridge men dress shirt. 

A solid wardrobe is an investment, and a collection of timeless classics elevates your style. We’ve spent our adult lives seeking out the “bests” in cars, technology, gear, gyms, hotels, restaurants, including the best fabrics, fit, and designers. After all, we are gentlemen. We have a desire to represent ourselves with class and sophistication. Join us in this growing community of gentlemen in love with the beautiful game... and elegant style. 




Laurent Chevreau said:

This is the best shirt I ever bought. It is made well and makes me feel specially classy.

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