We are gentlemen footballers.

TENLEGEND is an authentic brand that combines your two passions, football and fashion. We combine the beautiful game with the elegance of the most iconic players in history into a unique and timeless lifestyle.

TENLEGEND was born from the love of football and the elegance of the original number tens. We are gentlemen playing the game to win, always respecting our opponents.

We exercise the same reverence in life for people we encounter, no matter rank or status. The game remains an essential part of our souls, even when we no longer play.

We appreciate beautiful things: from a tailored shirt to a sleek automobile, a dapper sport coat to a beautiful painting. TENLEGEND makes the most elegant football-inspired apparel. Our designs are timeless.

Inspired by the legends of the game -- confident and composed, full of finesse and class -- TENLEGEND fashion brings the same qualities to you and your wardrobe.