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The gentleman footballer

The gentleman footballer plays the game to win and always respects the game and his opponents. He exercises that same respect in life with people he encounters from any walk of life.

He appreciates beautiful things and wants a well-crafted & authentic product that he will have for life. He has a desire for adventure through travel and embraces diversity of the world.

A fan of the beautiful game

The game has always been an essential part of his life, and although he may no longer be able to play, he is still a lifelong fan. He looks to do the right thing in life just as he looks to find the right pass in a match, always thinking of others. A player and fan of the beautiful game as well as a man driven by gentlemanly values. The number ten is the maestro, orchestrating and dictating the pace of the game. He expresses himself with style both on and off the pitch.

Style and grace

He knows the importance of personal appearance in achieving success – by business day or social night. He can afford to express himself with style. He owns the room. He is constantly driven to find ways to represent his values, not only in his actions, but also how he carries himself and the image he portrays outwardly to the world. It is for this reason, we share a universal desire to seek out the very best products - made to stand the test of time. This is what motivates us at TENLEGEND to deliver just that - classic, timeless quality.  

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