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New Year resolutions for gentlemen

Big changes don’t happen overnight. It’s the small, consistent, intentional shifts in your daily life that lead you to the results you’ve been striving for—whether that applies to your physical fitness, career, or overall well-being. 


With 2022 at our feet, it’s time to settle up with what we’ve accomplished, what we’re seeking in the future, and how to close the gaps between us and our goals. Sometimes that introspection comes in the form of a vision board, or a journaled list, or drawing inspiration from the men we idolize - on and off the pitch.

As fans, we’re able to witness 90+ captured minutes of optimal skill, intuition, determination, and physical prowess of players in action. What we don’t always see is what they do off the pitch. There are years of small and large goals, intentionally set and exceeded, that gets these players to the pro level, let alone the honor of playing in a World Cup. 


Athletes' dedication

More than anyone, these athletes know that training is a way of life and critical to their game-time performance. They know that sacrifices lead to success. They know that integrity is just as important in their off time as it is when the match begins.

So whether you’re aiming to improve or maintain how well you carry yourself in your personal or professional life in the new year, let’s draw some inspiration from the world’s finest athletes to help make 2022 a legendary year.

New Year's Resolutions for Gentlemen in Love with Football

Food as Fuel: How to get a Pro Football Diet

You are what you eat, and if you’re not cognizant about what goes into your body, it doesn’t only impact your physical health, but your mental health. Winter is a notoriously sluggish season for most, and those holiday treats that offer instant gratification can, quite literally, weigh you down. That’s not to say you shouldn’t indulge and enjoy with loved ones, but to emphasize the importance of getting on the right track as soon as the Christmas cookie plate is empty.

If feeling energized and motivated to take on each day with vigor is on your resolution list, then it’s time to take a page out of Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney’s book. He doesn’t skip meals—on the contrary, cereal and a banana are his go-to duo the mornings of each match. Along with Rooney, elite FIFA players as a whole tend to pack in healthy complex carbohydrates, as well as old standards, like cereal, pancakes, and toast to fuel their bodies. They keep it simple. They don’t add glaze, or icing, or other detrimental, albeit tempting, additions.

There are a plethora of options for quick, easy, nutrient-packed snacks and meals nowadays. Protein bars are common go-to throughout the day to boost energy and get the biggest ROI after training. Lean meats and fish, beans, and nuts are staples of an iconic football player’s daily menu. There’s even a lot of buzz in the athletic world today about moving to a mostly plant-based diet… It’s all about efficiency and getting the nourishment that helps them maintain their performance on and off the pitch. These players are wired to win. 

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Train your Brain and your Body: How to Practice like a Pro Football Player

We’ve collectively been spending much more time at home over the last two years, which inadvertently can lead to a drop in physical activity. Couple that with the winter cold, and the motivation to sprint down the street might be lower than the temperature outside—but if you’re committed to challenging yourself to raise the bar on your fitness, those obstacles won’t stop you. 

Remember, every world class football player has refused to let life’s hurdles stop them from perfecting their craft. The key is to be patient, be persistent, and to get started with some of these tried-and-true football workouts that you can even do in the comfort of your home.

  • For Stamina: Get some HIIT in on the Treadmill or go for a bodyweight workout that includes some tough, heart-pumping classics, like Burpees, Pushups, Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps and Planks. Those who can adapt are winners on and off the pitch. If you’re an avid football fan, you know that the pace of the game can switch on a moment’s notice. Players pivot from sprinting to slowing in a split second, which is why High Intensity Interval Training is effective to support your body’s conditioning and prepare you for sudden changes that are imminent in both sports, and in life.

  • For Strength: Weightlifting is the obvious choice. If you don’t have access to a gym or equipment, have no fear. There are no excuses here. Challenge yourself. Ever tried One-handed Push Ups? How about the Single-leg Squat? One Minute Wall Sits, anyone? How about some Up-and-down Plank Push Ups? These training staples are no joke, and incorporating them is super easy, requires no equipment and will get you ripped in no time. Using resistance bands is also no joke! They’re highly effective and versatile. These tips will both literally and figuratively help you hit the ground running in the new year. 

  • For Agility: Work in some Forward-Backward Sprints, 1, 2, 3’s, 180 Squat Jumps and Skaters. It’s impossible to be everywhere at once. When you’re in the heat of the match, you need to be able to keep your eye on the ball at all times. Training your body to be able to sprint and shift directions quickly, is not only a skill needed as a premier football player, it’s one that serves your physique.


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    Dress for the Life you Want: How to Walk in a Football Star’s Shoes

    You can never be overeducated or overdressed, and the confident gentlemen of the football-sphere are the personification of that old adage. Namely, Italy manager Roberto Mancini is one to sport a tailored suit more often than any other style of apparel. Whether he’s on the pitch or off, grace and elegance permeate from each of his consciously coordinated threads.

    If you haven’t been the type to put an emphasis on your wardrobe, you can leave that behind in 2021 and start anew this year. There’s an air about a man who puts effort into looking polished, and it attracts opportunities for networking and expansion that no off-the-shelf ensemble can quite manage. 


    How to up your style game:

    Classic elements with a modern twist are the ideal combination to accentuate all your hard work at the gym, and they’re easily found in both The Cambridge and El Classico. The Cambridge, with its luxurious Thomas Mason fabric and quality Italian craftsmanship in its cut, will be hard to resist putting on for virtually any occasion in which class is required. Pairing it with the elegantly designed, Italian spun cashmere in El Classico will position you to walk into each room exuding a newfound confidence that’s tailor made for a gentleman.


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    If you want to look and feel your best for the long haul, don’t wait any longer to invest in your body, your mind, and your appearance. By emulating men who practice what they preach, you’ll take one step closer each day to elevating your game to an entirely new level. We hope this is your best year yet. Cheers!

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