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3 of the Most Iconic Men in Dress Shirt History

No one is born a legend. While confidence, charisma, athleticism, and a strong stature can’t hurt—they’re just ingredients, not the recipe. Discovering your inherent skills, honing them, and putting them into practice while remaining true to yourself is the key to paving a path that no man has been down before—one that many will want to follow, but none can quite duplicate. 

Cary Grant

When your values are present in your walk and your talk, you’ll unlock a certain fluidity in your dealings with others, and a sense of confidence and determination that attracts the life you've been striving for. That lifestyle isn’t reserved only for the rich and famous. Most of our idols came from modest beginnings.  

There was a time when they were only known by their inner circles—until they embraced their craft, and their worlds unimaginably expanded. To name a few: Sylvester Stallone wrote “Rocky” with no money in his pocket, and no prospects on the horizon. Dwayne Johnson struggled for years, at one point having only $5 to his name. George Clooney slept on the couches of friends while hungrily pursuing success.. Most professional athletes have very humble beginnings as well.


However, we recognize elegance when we see it. We may only know a modicum of their life stories, but one thing is for sure: these gentlemen learned how to make an entrance. Their style invites you into their orbit before you’ve even been formally introduced. Their ensemble is as smooth as their stride, and they step, unflinching, directly into the spotlight.

mancini italia

Whether an actor, an athlete, or an artist—they uphold the effortless elegance that reflects their legendary qualities in each piece of apparel they choose to wear. The following hold our titles for three of the most iconic moments in dress shirt history, captured in both fiction and reality.

1. Cary Grant in North by Northwest

Cary Grant in North by Northwest

The word “timeless” is synonymous with Cary Grant’s name. In his iconic role as Roger Thornhill in the Hitchcock film North by Northwest, he sported a luxe blue suit with a classic white dress shirt, tie, and those unforgettable shades. Class permeated through the screen, and his wardrobe became a gentleman’s gold standard for decades to come.

“​​I believe men's clothes—like women's—should attract attention to the best lines of a man's figure and distract from the worst.” ~ Cary Grant


His style off-screen elegance was as noteworthy as his suave silver screen fashions, although he didn’t consider himself “an authority on the subject.” As GQ Magazine’s 1968 cover man, his relatable candor captured a few of his cardinal fashion “rules,” including how: “a cardigan [...] sweater of lightweight wool and conservative color is a useful investment. It can be worn without a coat on many occasions, and has the advantage of being easily slipped on without those arm-raising contortions and the need to re-comb your hair.”

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2. Roberto Mancini (Anytime. Anywhere.)

roberto mancini italia

The ever-dapper Italy manager is the epitome of what it means to talk the talk and walk the walk. There’s no denying - he’s still got it and looks good doing it. He was an elegant and classy player during his time on the pitch, and like a fine wine, seems to only get better with age. 

Back at Manchester City, Mancini was sporting a tailored suit along with his blue and white scarf. This is a man who clearly knows the golden rule: “Always dress for the occasion, and not based on what everyone else is wearing.” For Mancini, he’s an icon for style, grace and elegance - on and off the pitch.

Viali and Mancini ITALIA

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3- Roger Federer at the Laver Cup
There are few sportsmen who serve up style quite like Roger Federer. Sure, he’s most recognized for his 20 Grand Slam victories, but all who attend an event with Federer on the guest list can’t help but notice his immaculate attire. At the 2019 Laver Cup in Geneva, Federer stepped out and waved to fans in a suit that was steeped in classic elegance.

​​"My advice is you've got to make sure you wear the clothes and not [let] the clothes wear you. It's quite simple in a way.” ~ Roger Federer

Though he was donning a flattering suit as sharp as his eye on the tennis court, the true standout was a standard staple: a white dress shirt. With a high quality dress shirt, there’s no need for a tie. Pop of color? Not necessary. His outfit exemplified how powerful simplicity can be when it’s done right.

Dress like Federer: Looking like a proper gentleman doesn’t mean assimilating to a style or fit that isn’t seamless for you. It’s all about a fit that feels like it was tailor made for your body type. You can get the fit, without the tailor, in our luxurious classic: The Cambridge. It can elevate a suit ensemble or it can be worn on its own as a featured piece. We’ll leave that up to you—it’s your style, after all.


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Whether you’re an accidental style idol, an advocate for simplicity, or a confident rebel who refuses to color inside the lines—no one is you, and that is a superpower in and of itself. Making waves in the office, at events, or even at holiday family gatherings can be so simple, and not only reinforce your confidence, but can serve as confirmation that you’re on the path to becoming legendary.

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