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The gentleman's holiday gift guide

A polished gentleman may be the most challenging man to shop for. They have everything they could want. We’d say that’s not necessarily true… The most iconic gentlemen, whether the likes of Beckham, Clooney, or Grant, are always seeking out ways to evolve, and to enter each new year as a new-and-improved version of themselves. 

Who comes to mind when you think of the men you respect the most in your life? Is it your father, brother, son, cousin, uncle, friend, or colleague? Maybe your list happens to include the most important gentleman of all: yourself.

No matter who’s on your holiday shopping list, there’s still time to get one step ahead of the classic men in your orbit and gift them something they didn’t even know they needed. Sound like a challenge? It doesn’t need to be—especially when you have these timeless, classic pieces at your fingertips that can become instantly memorable heirlooms, thanks to our TENLEGEND Holiday Gift Guide.


TENLEGEND leather lanyard keychain Il Catenaccio.Stocking stuffers don’t need to be throw-away trinkets. It turns out that the key to finding the perfect gift for your inner circle (or yourself) is in an intricately-crafted keychain made with the finest Italian leather. Toss your keys to the valet on the fly while you saunter into your company’s holiday party with the secure nickel-plated, solid brass bridle clasp on the Il Catenaccio. Trust us—you won’t want to hide this keychain in your pocket.



Is there a diehard World Cup fan in your inner circle? No world traveler’s belongings are complete without The Rimet Italian leather passport book and card holder. It’s crafted with tanned Tuscan leather to protect your travel documents (and that vaccination card that you can’t afford to misplace). We pride ourselves in being organized, and looking good doing it. We know the gentlemen on your shopping list are not likely to grab crinkled travel papers from their pockets. They’ll enjoy the luxurious, full-grain, tan Italian leather accessory that will become a staple in their work, leisure, and purely exploratory adventures.


Working from home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the aesthetics of a corner office. For the men who are passionate about the rich history behind the game, a full-grain leather, hand-stitched, authentic vintage football will make their eyes light up when they see it sitting under the Christmas tree. Not for competitive use, but as a materialization of their dedication to the honorable principles of football—The Wembley can transform any ordinary space into one that breeds inspiration. 

TENLEGEND Wembley authentic hand-stitched leather vintage football

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“Best shirt I ever had - great quality, great fit, amazing material. I highly recommend!” ~ William, TENLEGEND Customer

You and the men in your life deserve the best. Life’s too short to settle for what doesn’t fit you—both philosophically and in your attire. You may already have a go-to dress shirt, but odds are that it doesn’t hold a candle to the touch, feel, and look of The Cambridge. It’s consciously crafted to compliment your shape, and mold to fit the gentleman you’ve become without the constricted, scratchy feel of most off-the-shelf shirts. 

The generations of Italian shirt manufacturing behind its historic threads meet the modern men of today in its form-fitting frame. Step into the new year with a polished look, or ensure that the men you hold in the highest regard will.

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The holidays serve as an impetus for reflection, gratitude, and preparation for the new year ahead—and with these intricate, luxurious gifts, you and the gentlemen around you can make the most of them. It’s time to raise the bar this holiday season, raise a glass to all that you’ve achieved, and to honor all that you have to look forward to (oh, and look really sharp while you do it).

Join us. Be a TENLEGEND.™

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