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3 Men's Apparel Rules You'll Wish You Knew a Year Ago

A true gentleman, one who epitomizes class and charisma, is never satisfied with remaining stagnant. He’s the artist and the muse. The only competition he has is the man he was yesterday. He introspects, reflects, and evolves. 

The last year or so has opened opportunities for all of us to evaluate who we are and how we represent ourselves to others—mentally, emotionally, and physically. How you keep your appearance tells an outward story of the internal plot: your level of commitment, your time management skills, your eye for quality, and even your value of yourself as a person. 

Are you ready to dress up again?

With the prospect of a slow return to normalcy, including parties, events, in-person meetings, conferences, reunions and the like, is your wardrobe ready to rise to the occasion?

A run-of-the-mill dress shirt of the past may not make the statement you want to deliver, and we’re here with all the insights on the top three men’s apparel rules of engagement that you’ll wish you knew about the last time you bought something for yourself.

Fit is Everything

Can’t wait to get out of your suit as soon as you wrap up your Best Man speech?

Contrary to popular belief, that’s not the norm. Menswear brick and mortar stores have a tendency to prescribe “big” as better, and men tend to feel like comfort can be found in the roomy space between their biceps and the threads of their dress shirts. That’s simply not the case!

The way your clothes fit your body is the difference between appearing shortened or elongated, slimmed or widened, polished or sluggish, and constricting or comfortable. Think of all the ways your body has evolved in your lifetime—even in the last year, shouldn’t your attire step up to meet where you are today? 


Take TENLEGEND’s The Cambridge, for example. Its rich, historical roots in using luxurious Thomas Mason fabric meets the modern gentleman's comfortable fit that gently hugs the chest, shoulders, through the arms, and across the upper back. No baggy waistline here, and yet the forgiving softness and quality Italian craftsmanship in the cut offers the range of motion needed for all the handshaking and brotherly embraces and slaps on the back to come. 

A dress shirt may be a standard fashion staple, but The Cambridge is anything but. It’s consciously crafted to compliment your shape, and mold to fit the gentleman you’ve become without the constricted, scratchy feel of most off-the-shelf shirts. 

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Cheaper is never better. Ever.

Have you looked at a shirt and just knew that its time in your closet had expired—its shelf life a disappointingly short length of time?

It’s funny how the smallest details, like the spread or point of a collar, not to mention the length of the shirt itself, can be so evident only a year or two later. The reason your wardrobe is ill-fitting, already looking outdated, and has lost its luster is likely because you got it for a bargain.


We don’t blame you. Short-term saving and the convenience of big-box stores seem like a good idea, but they’re often self-sabotaging moves. Just like you won’t sport chiseled abs after one workout, or shoot the winning goal after one practice on the pitch, temporary fixes never work—and they certainly don’t when it comes to fashion.

To be a modern gentleman, and pave the path for the life you want, you have to invest in yourself. This applies to all aspects of life, beyond health, fitness, relationships, career, and includes your wardrobe. Owning several high quality, luxury pieces begets a better quality of living. The fit is superior (which we know is essential), the feel is more comfortable, they will last longer, and ultimately open the door for you to make an entrance wherever you go.

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Emulate Your Icons

Your name may not be in the bright lights yet, but whose names make your eyes light up because they represent your style and aspirations? 

TENLEGEND is dedicated to empowering each man to become a legend in their own right. Before you feel like you’ve earned yourself that distinction, though, it’s a good idea to write down the names of at least three men who already “have it” through your lens.

George Clooney, David Beckham, and Steve McQueen are a few of our favorite fashion icons, and their personal style reflects the noble features we associate with being a true gentleman. Find men’s apparel that either matches or emulates what you see legendary men sporting on a regular basis, and make them fixtures in your own closet. 

There is such sophistication in the simplicity of black, white, navy, plaid, tweed, cashmere, silk, leather… We’re talking about the classics - made well. Take our new Italian cashmere v-neck sweater, El Classico (arriving just in time for the holidays!), for example. An elegant design with a subtly modern touch, made with the very finest cashmere from Mongolia and spun in Italy by the industry’s best supplier, Cariaggi. The devil is in the details, and quality materials and craftsmanship matter! After all, the clothes make the man. 

TENLEGEND Product line, Cambridge, El Classico 

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Now that we’ve got fashion faux pas sorted from  style essentials, it’s time to implement them into your wardrobe refresh. Click here to visit our growing collection of elegant apparel for gentlemen in love with the beautiful game today! Join us. 


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