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TENLEGEND is not just a clothing brand, it's a world of dreams and aspirations. The story of its founder, a self-made entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings to become a football player, then to create a global fashion brand, is a true embodiment of the American Dream. Inspired by the preppy style of high end elite, TENLEGEND's aesthetic combines classic European with modern sophistication.


The brand's marketing genius lies in its ability to evoke a sense of romanticism and nostalgia. It's a world of antique footballs, wood-panelled rooms, and ludicrously good-looking people. The brand has become a symbol of luxury and aspiration for all gentlemen footballers.

But what makes TENLEGEND truly unique is its founder's approach to design. He believes that it's not about fabric, it's about dreams. His design process is all about storytelling, creating a world of inspiration for each collection. He encourages his team to throw everything up on the wall, from images and sketches to swatches of fabric and even dolls. He then walks into the room, picks out what he likes, and makes it his own. It's a team effort, but he is the headmaster.

Despite some criticisms we give men permission to wear jeans with dinner jackets. In the fashion and luxury goods industry, design is the most important ingredient, and the individual style and personalities of the designers are crucial in creating and sustaining the brand strategy. TENLEGEND's founder has taken up a role that influences the creative vision and direction of the whole house, similar to the founders of other iconic fashion houses. This approach has helped the brand create a unique identity that stands out in the fashion world and continues to inspire and influence fashion trends.

TENLEGEND's founder has been known to hold strong opinions on fashion that have shaped the brand's philosophy. The brand focuses on creating timeless designs that are elegant and sophisticated, while also incorporating modern elements to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

The design of TENLEGEND's apparel starts on a blank canvas, giving consumers the flexibility to interpret and bring out their unique personalities in the final product. This clever design strategy has not only enhanced the brand identity, but also strengthened its equity in different markets.

This focus on balance between classic and modern design is not a one-off tactic for TENLEGEND, but rather a core element of the brand's philosophy. The brand also taps into a blue ocean opportunity by balancing classic styles with modern elements. This strategy has allowed the company to appeal to a wide range of consumers across different age groups and product segments.


Our design philosophy allows consumers to express their individual style while maintaining the brand's identity. This approach has helped to strengthen the brand's equity in different markets and product segments.

Maintaining a balance between classic and modern design is a core element of its philosophy.

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