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James Bond is one of the most popular fictional characters in the world and his sense of style is highly revered by men. While there are numerous blogs and channels dedicated to the style of James Bond, imitating his look is not always feasible as it requires a substantial amount of money and may not suit every individual's style or surroundings.

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Dressing like James Bond has always been associated with timeless elegance and understated simplicity. The iconic suits seen in Bond films range from bespoke Savile Row suits costing between $3,000 and $8,000 made by Antony Sinclair for Sean Connery in 1962's Dr. No, to designer suits by Brioni and Tom Ford, which cost around $5,000 and were made for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

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Over the years, James Bond's style has undergone significant changes since his debut in 1962's Doctor No. He has donned a range of outfits, from traditional tuxedos and dinner jackets to Scottish Highland dress, formal morning dress, and one-piece ski suits in yellow, along with tropical shirts. Despite his penchant for disguises, Bond has developed a reputation for being effortlessly dapper, prepared for any situation, and dressed appropriately. However, there have been instances where he has worn unappealing outfits, and imitating them may not be considered fashionable.

It is important to note that the literary James Bond by Ian Fleming was not as stylish as he is portrayed in modern times. Moreover, different costume designers and choreographers have altered his appearance over the course of the two dozen Bond films. Additionally, product placements play a significant role in the films today, which was not the case 40 years ago. Therefore, just because Bond currently drinks Heineken and shaves with a Gillette, does not necessarily mean that individuals should do the same.

To get the Bond look, solid colors such as plain blacks, greys, and midnight blues are usually the way to go. However, there were some plaids, also known as Prince of Wales or Glen Checks, worn by Sean Connery in his Bond films. Additionally, Connery's Bond was known for his love of grey suits, often in different variations and shades. He also wore cream suits in later Bond movies like Diamonds Are Forever and Never Say Never Again.

George Lazenby broke convention by wearing a cream linen suit in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which had a more modern look with a tapered waist, a shorter jacket length, slanted pockets, and flat-front trousers. Pierce Brosnan also followed suit with his cream linen suit in The World Is Not Enough.

Roger Moore, on the other hand, tended to opt for more business-like pinstripe and chalk-stripe suits, sometimes going for a double-breasted look. However, he still managed to look dapper in whatever he wore.

black suit James Bond wears in the London scenes of Quantum of Solace.

Perhaps the most popular Bond look is Daniel Craig's from Quantum of Solace, which is a modern suit design with a simple black color that can be worn as a tuxedo ensemble or a business suit. Here's how to achieve the look:

The jacket: Bond prefers a classic 2-button style with the first button positioned at the narrowest point of the torso. The jacket should be double-vented to allow for greater movement and tapering at the waist for a slimmer fit. Bond likes straight pockets with a ticket pocket, as well as working "surgeon" cuffs on all jacket sleeves. The lapel is a standard notch lapel with a 3-inch width and a buttonhole in the left lapel. The jacket length can be long, reaching down to the tips of the thumbs.

The trousers: Bond likes a classic straight cut with a slight taper. No pleats or cuffs are necessary, and side pockets should be classic slant. The trousers should be perfectly tailored to create a single break at the front and a straight line all the way to the seam at the heel of the shoe.

The shirt:  a crisp white shirt is a staple for the modern Bond. A regular or wide spread collar with space for removable collar stays is recommended, as well as French or single cuffs that are stiff. Bond's tuxedo shirts are always fly-front, meaning the buttons are hidden by a fold of material, while other shirts have a placket. There should be no pockets on the shirt, as all the pockets Bond needs are concealed inside the suit jacket.

saville row

In summary, dressing like James Bond requires simplicity and elegance, with solid colors, classic styles, and well-tailored suits, trousers, and shirts. By doing so, one can look the part, feel confident, and be at their best in any situation.

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