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CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2023 / TENLEGEND, a football fashion brand, is pleased to provide the sports lovers of the world with an elegant athletic brand. The brand was founded by Tom with a mission to promote a gentleman’s lifestyle through a holistic experience, including a line of clothing, accessories, articles, and experiences that aim to build a strong gentlemen footballer community. 

“TENLEGEND isn’t just a fashion or football brand,” mentions Tom. “It’s a brand that encompasses what it’s like to act and behave with conviction as a strong foundation.” The company aims to target a community living with a certain set of values. “Truth, elegance, inspiration, and of course, a love for the game,” states Tom.

“The number ten is on all of our items,” Tom adds. “This is because to be the number ten in the football world is an honor of the highest accord.” The company notes how those who have a heart for the sport grew up wanting to be number ten. “Only the best, most inspiring, and hard-working got to wear the number, they became legends,” the founder notes. Although the company carries exclusive clothing, it aims to make its selection available to everyone.

“We respect everyone, just like players do in a game,” says Tom. “We are gentlemen playing the game to win, always respecting our opponents. We exercise the same reverence in life for people we encounter, no matter rank or status.” The company stands for these values and hopes that it can bring buyers into this mindset. “Our audience are those who have a heart for the game and for others. Whenever they wear our clothing, we hope they are brought back to that passion,” mentions Tom.

“Although our customer may no longer be able to play, he is still a lifelong fan,” says Tom. “He strives to do the right thing in life, just as he strives to find the right pass in a game, always keeping others in mind. A player and fan of the beautiful game, as well as a gentlemanly man. The number ten serves as the maestro, orchestrating and dictating the game’s pace. On and off the field, he expresses himself with style.”

TENLEGEND is inspired by the legends of the game and hopes to inspire others. “We are a fashion and football brand,” says Tom. “But even moreso, we are a brand that strives to inspire conviction and authenticity in everyone, regardless of what position they play.”


A fashion and football firm, TENLEGEND fuses sports and style to provide classic clothing for the sophisticated man. The company was established with the goal of promoting a gentleman’s footballer lifestyle through a comprehensive experience, which includes a collection of apparel, accessories, articles, and experiences that are designed to foster a strong sense of community. No matter what position they play, TENLEGEND seeks to instill conviction and sincerity in everyone by drawing inspiration from the game’s core principles. To learn more, contact Tom at and visit the company website at

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