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Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. When we were young we rebelled against the idea that we might be judged by the way we look. As we matured we accepted this reality and quickly learned how to use it to our advantage. 


We’re not talking about conforming to what society says looks good. We’re merely more refined now with perhaps a greater appreciation for tradition, history, fit, design, material and quality craftsmanship. A well-dressed man stands out and never goes out of style. 

After years of practice, TENLEGEND has incorporated the same qualities exhibited by the masters of the pitch into everything we do, yielding the most elegant results. Elegance is, first and foremost, a state of mind. People who show proper etiquette are often perceived as being elegant. 

Not all of us were born into elegant environments. We learn by watching people we admire. We also invest in ourselves, always moving forward and elevating our game. As with football, we practice until it becomes second nature. Elegance is a magnetic quality a man can possess no matter where he comes from, no matter what his financial statement reads or career represents.

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance.”

Elegance is also a form of grace. Grace is a much needed answer to the self-sabotage, judgement, division and stress plaguing our society today. It is the ability to maintain composure when met with conflict. It is represented through the intellect and wisdom to know when the battle is worth fighting or when allowing others to “win” is not only necessary, but healthy.

Outwardly, an elegant man uses fashion as a tool. There are a couple of basic rules to remember: 

Always dress for the occasion. 

    1. Always dress for the occasion.
    2. If in doubt, don’t wear it.
    3. Fit over design. Something might look really hot, but perhaps on someone else (if the fit is all wrong)!

An elegant man speaks with confidence about topics he knows without being pushy or preachy. He is also a good listener who gives those around him a sense of comfort, security and acceptance. There is so much value in the ability to put others at ease, and this skill pays dividends in building strong relationships when done with sincerity and intent, which translates into authenticity and integrity. 

This brings us to our next point. When it comes to finding specific wardrobe pieces that represent personal style, an elegant man is in touch with who he is and how he wants to represent himself. He understands what is appropriate for his age, shape, skin tone and social setting. Elegance is a matter of owning who you are, and wearing it with style.

From a look standpoint, here are a few pointers:


Some men seem to have no idea that tailors still exist. It may not be something you were exposed to growing up, or perhaps felt it was outside of your realm of possibility. Finding a good tailor is critical!

So many of us grew accustomed to buying off the rack resulting in wearing pieces that fit poorly. Unfortunately, most clothing today is mass-produced and laser-cut for whatever “averages” the designer feels represent the masses. TENLEGEND’s products are made by the best artisans around the world and specifically for our community- men who maintain their fitness level. After all, we’re still athletes even if we no longer play. 


There is much to learn about fabric. There are dynamic differences between breathable and versatile cotton, polyester, nylon, the natural warmth of wool, the luxuriousness of cashmere, rayon, the durable feel of leather, the pliable touch of lambskin, the movement of suede. Read labels, see where products are mad and feel the materials in your hand. 

Your money is valuable. Only spend it on pieces that feel as good as they look. You’ll begin to recognize the difference between cashmere and merino wool with just a glance. We have traveled the world to find THE best fabric and material telling a story of authenticity and exclusivity. 


Most men have absolutely no idea what colors look good on them. The color of your hair, eyes and skin tone impact your choices. This is not limited to clothing, but also accessories, like hats, scarves and eyewear. Think of a color wheel. For that matter, print one out and see what your skin looks like next to certain colors. 

This is one of the few cases in life in which opposites attract - long term. You may find that if your skin color is described as “olive” with an always tan, slightly green undertone (typical of latin or mediterranean descent), you’ll find you look dashing in red hues. 

If you have a pale complexion and light eyes, you may find that soft blues or aqua greens suit you well. With a rich, dark complexion, you may be able to pull off some of the boldest yellows and oranges, and look absolutely stunning. It’s almost as if women have taken courses on the matter, so men whose wives have a great eye could confirm your specific palette and help you hone in on your go-to’s.


Have fun! These include colorful silk pocket squares, statement socks, classy cufflinks, a fine leather belt, a handsome timepiece, eyewear that works for your face, style and color palette, a well-made hat, a classic leather weekend bag or padfolio. Frenchmen almost always add a little extra flair to most ensembles. 

In conclusion, an elegant man knows what he stands for and what drives him, so he pursues his passions in a way that reflects his innate characteristics. He also knows that he’s strong, confident and capable, even in his weaker moments. An elegant man is out to get what he wants without deterring from his goals, but always with the best interest of others at heart. He understands that his life is about giving as much as it is about getting. 

Join us in this mission to elevate ourselves and others, and look great doing it! If being stylish appeals to you, we invite you to browse our shop to see what’s coming.


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