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Football is a mental game as much as it is physical. Working in concert, communicating with each other without saying a word to achieve a singular goal. Although driven to win in all aspects of life, it is never at “any cost.” There is always an underlying respect for oneself, the team, the game, the opponent...dignity. This is what defines us as men and as players of the beautiful game. It is in our DNA.

messi and ronaldo

Football invokes passion all around the globe, resonating with millions of fans and players. It has evolved into the world’s most popular sport. Today, players and fans transcend race, geography and socioeconomic scale. The cost
to play is literally the cost of a ball and the ability to fashion a goal with some instrument resembling a marker. And too many times the game has been associated with a negative connotation.

We are tired of it. After all, it was a group of gentlemen from the upper echelons of British society who are responsible for crafting the fundamental rules of football in England in the year 1863. It was then, and always has been, a gentleman’s game. It is our hefty goal to bring back these original qualities and restore the name of football.


There is an understanding, “a gentleman’s agreement,” throughout each game. Like many other sports, opponents shake hands before play begins. And frequently afterwards they exchange jerseys with players who have earned
their respect. But it is during play that the elevated standards and savoir-faire of the gentleman player becomes evident. 

The game runs constantly with no breaks for two 45 minute halves. There is no stopping except when the referee calls a foul, or when a player puts the ball out of bounds. Occasionally, a player on the opposing side may purposely kick the ball out of bounds when an opponent is noticeably hurt. This action stops the game thereby allowing the injured player additional time.

In reciprocation upon restart, the team that has been favored by the stoppage returns the ball to their opponent. Not only does this demonstrate compassion, but is also a clear recognition of the opponent as a fellow gentleman, one deserving of respect.

They do not take advantage of the generosity shown to them. Between 22 players, numerous subs, dozens of coaches and thousands of fans, there is an understanding for and appreciation of this practice. 

No matter how hard we fight to win on the pitch, at the end of the game, we respect ourselves, our opponents and the game we love. We see football for what it is, and was always intended to be, and this is why we call it “the
beautiful game.” It is everything, all at once. Speed, agility, brute strength and finesse. Pure grit, determination, intuition and teamwork. Sweat, tears, passion, respect.


And now, as a gentleman footballer (former or present), we have the luxury in life to take our love for this sport to another level. So much of what we learned at a very young age through football still lives with us today. We hold to
the same basic and often unspoken tenets that guided us on the pitch. Our community remains strong through the tie that binds us, and we continue to surround ourselves with others who share thoughts and ideas that resonate
with our constant desire to grow and succeed while leading by example.

 cr7 and mbappe

As we move through life, successfully elevating ourselves and others, we find an opportunity to do the same for the sport we love, with both dignity and purpose. At TENLEGEND, we support this mission through connecting you with
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We create products you’ll cherish for a lifetime, connect you with meaningful content and bring with us a league of
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