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This moment isn’t a singular moment from one game, but the game itself. The match was the semifinal between France and West Germany in 1982, and few have ever been better. France Germany 1982 Sevilla

Both teams were star studded and the match had all the billings of a classic. It would not disappoint. This match will also be remembered by the French fans for the most outrageous and notorious foul in World Cup history. 

West Germany won the match on penalties. As a result, Germany advanced to the final against Italy. This game is considered one of the best football matches of all time due to the drama, the goals in extra time, and the dramatic penalty shootout at the end.

During World Cup finals soccer history, this is the first time a shootout has determined the outcome.

The Collisionbastiston france in sevilla 1982
Millions of people worldwide have vivid memories of the incident that ensued after France’s equalizer. Platini released French defender Patrick Battiston through on goal. As the French player closed in on goal, Schumacher raced off his line and threw himself into the attacker, hip and elbow first.
There’s never been a more brutal yet unpunished challenge in World Cup history than this one.

batiston 1982 sevilla
With the score at 1-1, French substitute Patrick Battiston was clean though for a likely goal when German keeper Harald Schumacher flattened him with a blatant crunching challenge.

Bastiston Platini Sevilla 1982

The French midfielder was knocked unconscious and carried off on a stretcher, but amazingly Schumacher escaped unpunished – and the referee even awarded a goal kick! Germany then went on to win the eventual penalty shoot-out.

The National Hope.

For the rest of the 90 minutes, the semi-final was a nervous affair, with both sides went close in scoring a winner late in the game. What could have destroyed the French will ultimately galvanize them. Revolted by this fact of the game, they will put their foot on the ball and dominate the meeting with their heads and shoulders. At the end of the match, Amoros sends a praline that will die on the crossbar of Schumacher, who is now booed on each of his ball shots. Just after, the Germans also have the opportunity to kill the match, but Ettori will save the French barracks in extremis to bring them into extra time.Tigana seville 1982
And barely time to resume the game that Marius Trésor, completely lonely in the middle of the German surface, will send a praline like a Trézéguet to Euro 2000. France exults, and will exult a little more 6 minutes later when Alain Giresse will send a clear shot. Returning post, Giresse sends the sprint of his life to celebrate. The photo of "Gigi" drunk with happiness after the 3-1 goal, almost in tears, still remains in everyone's memory. Of course, the Blues will play their first World Cup final.

france 1982 sevilla

It will be a German who missed the first shot on goal in the history of the World Cup. Ulrich Stielike will see his shot stopped by Jean-Luc Ettori. And while France is giving itself back the right to dream, it will see Didier Six fail just behind. After the 5th successful shots from Platini and Rummenigge, Maxime Bossis shows up for sudden death. His shot on goal, a flabby flat foot, will not disturb Schumacher who stops him easily. Just behind, Horst Hrubesch does not tremble and transforms his attempt.

France 1982
Although Italy was responsible for avenging France in the final (victory 3 goals to 1), this match will remain for those who experienced it live the greatest drama of their life as a supporter. A heroic defeat that will spark lively debates in the bistros of France and Navarre. Parents, grandparents… Seville became that day a heritage to pass on. Much more than the Euro won 2 years later on a dumpling from Arconada.
4 years later, France will again lose to West Germany. Again in the semi-finals of the world cup. And it will take another 28 years to lose again to Germany in the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup.
So, if Gary Lineker's adage is no longer as true as it used to be, for the World Cup against France, it still holds.

Giresse Seville 1982
The 1982 French side were so close to reaching the final and desperately unlucky not to get there. This team remains one of the best teams in history not to reach the final, but they also have themselves to blame for not holding the lead. Platini's team did not win....but they captured the imagination of every french football fans for life! They became legends. 

France Germany Platini 1982

Join us in celebrating what we remember as one of our earliest memories. 


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