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The 1970 Brazil team, were in my opinion, the best team ever.
They were such an amazing team to watch that even some of their misses wowed the crowds with their amazing skill. The two that everyone remembers were both by one of the greatest players that ever lived—Pele.

It must be remembered that the 1970 World Cup was the first one to be shown worldwide in color. The fans were captivated by what they saw from the Brazilian team and by the amazing audacity that players like Pele showed to pull off plays that people couldn’t dream of.

In their first match, Brazil came up against Czechoslovakia. In the first half, Pele received a pass inside of his own half. He wasn’t being pressured and took a touch. He looked up and spotted the goalie, Ivo Viktor, well off his line.
Pele, after seeing this, tried to do the impossible and score from his own half. He darn near pulled it off. Pele struck the ball beautifully, and the shot looked to be going in. Viktor raced back, but he was beaten. He lucked out though, as the shot missed to the right by about a foot. The ball seemed to be in the air forever, and the world seemed to stop for a moment, as everyone watched to see if it would go in.
The second brilliant dummy by Pele came in the semifinals against Uruguay.
Pele found himself unmarked as he made a run, and Tostao played him in with a through ball. The goalie, Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, came out to stop him, but then Pele pulled of an outrageous piece of skill.
Instead, of trapping the ball, Pele let it run. The goalie had no idea he was going to do that, and the ball rolled right past him. Pele rounded the keeper and shot the ball, but unfortunately, dragged his shot wide of the frame. It was another stunning moment that had the world roaring in celebration.

PELE DUMMIES The Brazil 1970 team had a level of world class talent that may never be matched again. In addition to that, their brilliant play did so much to spread the popularity of the game and caused people to fall in love with the Brazilian style. These two plays demonstrate the enormous skill that they had.

Join us in celebrating this amazing team and Pele, 


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