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Growing up as footballers meant that no matter what, we gave our best. Under the sun or in the rain, on pristine pitches or in the streets, the love of the game drove us. Even though our goals were often made of whoever’s coat or backpack we had handy, every recess turned into a Champions League or World Cup final. Most days, we’d come back to class dripping with sweat. We’d take every chance we could to play. 

The only time we didn’t give 100% is when you were sporting brand new sneakers. That lasted one day...max. Even then we knew looking good made us feel and play better. 

The camaraderie and teamwork grew on us as young lads. Soon everyone we knew and associated with was in the game. Along the way, we developed affinities for other areas like art, travel, culture and fashion. 

Playing football teaches young players how to handle both success and failure. Very few football teams remain undefeated, so at some point, they must learn to accept a loss but also learn from it to become stronger as individuals and as a team. They learn not to blame the loss on anyone else, but instead choose to focus on how they can improve.

Learning how to handle failure is just as important as learning how to handle success. No one likes a poor loser or a poor winner. Acknowledging the hard work of the losing team by shaking hands at the end of the game teaches character and demonstrates respect. Someone who is gracious, win or lose, on the football field develops into a co-worker or supervisor who gains the respect of his work team, as well as clients and customers.

We are applying what the game taught us into every aspect of TENLEGEND. 

We have assembled a team of superstar leaders with more than 100 years of combined experience in the game and in global business. We all grew up with the game and are all driven by the same values. Our reputation is everything.

Every teammate has a stake in protecting our brand equity and helping our business grow. Each is valued for their individual gifts, talents and attributes that make us uniquely who we are. When our team members passionately dedicate themselves to their responsibilities, they are building our future. They receive the accolades they deserve, and are rewarded personally and through our collective success. 

In life, as in football, you need a good strategy and strong work ethic to win. If you just show up and play, chances are your team is not going to do well. We’re not just building a business. We’re developing a community of gentlemen bound by a passion for the game, a strong value system and the drive to succeed. 

Join us. 



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