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Cars say a lot about the personality of the owner, and being a gentleman comes with high expectations. A car is more like an adornment, something that represents certain personal quantities. Not just a vehicle, but an outward expression of character, personal standards, fashion sense, social status, and class. Some go for flashy and over-the-top designs and trendy colors.

A perfect gentleman's car

Should showcase the highest quality standards, providing a balance between luxury and style. A vehicle that is extravagantly flashy or loud defeats the purpose of representing oneself with timeless elegance. A car should match your exquisite fashion sense and enduring style. 

It should be filled with an effortlessly and quietly stated sophistication, devoid of complication and unnecessary design elements. It should be pure and elegant without the need to show off. The luxury should blaze through the refined design. This is a car that makes heads turn without much noise, and perhaps it’s even the absence of a revving engine that makes a louder impression. Here is where simplicity speaks volumes.

It can be a daunting task selecting the ideal car today with a veritable plethora of modern and stylish makes and models on the market. Of course, only a handful are ideally suited for true gentlemen.

No doubt, everyone loves the Italian master automakers. As lovers of classy authenticity, we always look to Ferrari as the leading example. However, nothing compares to the British obsession with fine automobiles which translates into extremely elegant lines and a certain element of sport in vehicle design. 

Aston Martin automobiles

has always been an elite brand in the landscape of prestigious sports cars, a manufacturer still carefully crafting every single specimen to the highest quality standards. Aston Martin is the ultimate symbol of elegance, the car every gentleman wants to drive. It’s no coincidence that for decades we’ve seen it as the protagonist in all James Bond movies!

Sir David Brown was born 1904 in Yorkshire, and by 1931 took over the family business, the "David Brown Gear Company, Ltd.” In the mid-30’s he started a new company with Harry Fergusson building tractors together. Due to some design disagreements they decided to split and David Brown started building his own tractors. 

He built the David Brown VAK1, which was a successful vehicle and made Mr. Brown a very wealthy man. He then acquired Aston Martin in 1947, marking the birth of all DB models that have made history: from the DBR1 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959 to the DB5, iconic James Bond car in “Goldfinger.” 

Money can get you any luxury car. But class and elegance is reserved to a select few. Aston Martins are typically designed with gentlemen in mind. They are stylish, elegant, simple, and sophisticated. 

Aston Martin's slogan is "Power, Beauty, and Soul." Everyone's taste may be different, but can anyone really deny that Aston Martin builds some of the most attractive cars on the planet? There is the reason why James Bond's car is often an Aston Martin: the DB5 in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball,” the DBS in “Casino Royale,” the Vanquish in “Die Another Day,” and the DB10 in “Spectre.” During “Skyfall’s” projection, we hear cheers for the DB5, which returns to take Bond up the A9, away from a villain.

James Bond

Like a fictional spy, Aston Martins somehow represent a level of elusive sophistication that "normal folks" only fantasize about. And so it can’t be helped that men simply drive faster after watching Bond films. And we believe no British car is more beautiful than the Aston Martin. Low and wide on the road, there is a certain steadiness to it, despite its sporty looks. It has a perfect arse: defiant and charismatic in its lasting impression. 

It is no wonder the Aston Martin is such a timeless icon for power, class and sophistication. All part of a bigger picture, TENLEGEND seeks to envelop you in the most exclusive products designed to achieve the same in your daily life. 



Roberto felici said:

Complimenti per l’articolo io ho avuto un’astronomia martin db9 ora ho finito di restaurare una Jaguar e Type 1 serie 4.2 ma la db5 è sicuramente una delle più belle mai costruite

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